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Advice in English

My name is Elena Lukyanova. I run a private psychological practice in Saint - Petersburg and is the head of the Institute of Applied Psychology of the Higher School of Economics.

I have been consulting individuals and couples for over 20 years.

I am an expert in the field of women's psychology and the psychology of relationships. I  speak to the media, give comments on TV and in the press, and take part in professional psychology conferences.

My biography has been included in the international encyclopedia of famous people WHO IS WHO in Russia.

I am an expert on the psychology of women

  • You will see the reasons for your internal and interpersonal conflicts
  • You can cope with a life crisis, and the crisis in the relationship
  • You will understand why you can’t establish satisfactory relationship and you’ll be able to break out of the "vicious circle"

Psychological help to overcome life challenges

Women with a variety of problems: bad experience of close relationship and internal discomfort of any kind turn to me. I help to understand the causes of difficulties and change the situation cardinally.

If you need a psychologist in the field of women's psychology, sign up for a free first consultation.

The range of issues that I often work with

  • The problem of "strong women"
  • Dissatisfaction in personal lives
  • Low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence
  • The problem of loneliness in the city
  • Relationship between mother and daughter
  • Relationship between mother and son
  • and others.

You can make an appointment to the psychologist

by phone + 7 (950) 041-06-31

or e-mail: elenalukyanov@yandex.ru

Psychological counseling: cost - 3000 rubles; family counseling - 4 500 rubles.

When paying five consultations in advance - 5% discount, if you pay 10 consultations - 10% discount.

Full-time students – 2000 rubles.

Opening hours

On record.

My office is located at

St. Petersburg, metro "Technologichesky institut", Ismailovsky prospect, 2, 10 minutes on foot. 

St. Petersburg psychologist: a psychologist in relationship, psychological counseling on personal matters.